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  Winter League Sign
       Up is Here!

             Winter 2 Registration Link

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Registration is still open for a few
    more days only.  Call me if the link
    is closed to see if we have an
    opening for your age group.


Sign up open now, games begin January 7th through week before Spring Break.

$10 discounts each team for multiple team registrations U6-U17


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Practice Times Are Available See Master Schedule Below:

Master Schedule

The Master Schedule shows times rented or reserved.  All timeslots empty or not shown are available.  We allow rentals any time 24/7.  Weekends are broken into 40 minute slots for league games, but will be rented on the half hour in half hour increments.

Click here to view the Master Schedule

Recurring Reservations
Recurring reservations are practices paid in advance during the prime time hours and in season. If no recurring reservations are available you may view the master schedule above to find any single or multiple open timeslots. If you currently have a recurring reservation click this link to see your time reserved, and remaining requirements needed to be in good standing and maintain your reservation. Teams that had recurring reservations the prior year have first rights to that same time slot the upcoming season.

Click here to view Recurring Reservations


Winter practice costs from October 1st to March 14th are as follows:

M-F 3:30-4:30pm $45 per hour no minimum
M-F 4:30-8:30pm $45 per hour 19 minimum (Prime Time)
M-F 4:30-8:30pm $50 per hour (Prime Time) less than 19 practices (preference given to teams taking minimum 19) 

M-F 9:30pm or later $40 per hour no minimum
Saturday - Sunday $45 per hour no minimums as availabile

Summer Rates From March 15th through September 30th are $40 per hour


Coaching Tips

Coaching Tips

Coaching TipsTry these simply things to make sure your players are listening

1. Wait to begin until everyone is quiet.
2. Hold up your hand to gain their attention.
3. Make sure the sun is not in the players faces. Seems simple, but when you are focused on making a point it may deter from their attention.
4. Do not hold anything in your hands while speaking unless it is an aid to your lesson. They may focus on the object rather than you.

Click Here to See the Entire Page Pertaining to this Tip

Test Your Knowledge Rules Quiz


Soccer RefWorld Cup is played how often? How many teams qualify?

Click For Answer

The World Cup is held every 4 years. The first World Cup was held in Uruguay in 1930. Prior to that, the football tournament at the Olympic Games was considered as a quasi replacement for holding a World Cup tournament. Due to the "amateurs only" rule at the Olympic Games, the World Cup was finally introduced. Thirteen teams took part in the first World Cup, while 32 teams qualify today.

What's Happening Now

Registion Now Open 2016-17! 

    • Winter 1 Registration Open.
    • Winter 1 Deadline Oct. 26th.
    • Winter 2 Registration Open. 
    • Winter 2 Deadline Dec. 28th.

 Information regarding schedule (Winter 1):

Each team will have 8 games

Games begin October 29th

Last game depends on Standings

First 2 weeks schedule comes out each week by

the Monday prior to that weekends games

final schedule will be out the 3rd Monday of League

Championship T-Shirts to 1st, medals 2nd place.

Information regarding schedule (Winter 2):

Each team will have 9 games.

Last game depends on Standings.

Games Begin January 7th.

First 2 weeks schedule comes out each week by Monday

prior to weekend games. Final schedule out 3rd Monday of League

Trophies 1st Place, medals for 2nd.


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